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Last Update: December 28, 2008 12:19 PM


December 2008 : The AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) is currently doing another membership check in response to our appeal against the previous check, where not enough members confirmed that they were members. As a result we failed the membership test instituted under Howard for parties without sitting members.

If you are contacted by the AEC please confirm your membership promptly.


Please don't join the HEMP Party unless you are willing to confirm your membership to AEC officials on the phone. If you are unfindable or unwilling to confirm membership, don't join, because it stuffs it up for the rest of us. Sorry, but that's how it works. Give us as many ways to contact you as possible to make it easier to confirm your membership with the AEC.




The Nimbin based HELP END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION party is in limbo, undead, neither registered nor de-registered. We did not contest the 2007 Federal elections because we had not been re-registered in time. The Howard government had arbitrarily de-registered all political parties, without a current representative in Parliament in December 2006. Our application for re-registration, complying with all the requirements of the Electoral Act, was submitted early in April 2007. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) took until August, three weeks before the election was called, to advise us that we had failed their membership test. We replied asking that our application be accepted as is, or be reviewed by the commissioners. We intended to appeal any negative review. The calling of the election froze this process and nothing has happened since.

Last month the AEC informed us that they would be reviewing their own test. Apparently they have taken our objections on board. So we wait for their new test before deciding whether to resubmit or continue with an appeal. If we do resubmit we will probably still need a membership whose addresses and phone numbers are current and contactable and who will not ignore an enquiry from the AEC. This has been the crux of the test.

A random sample of members contacted by the AEC must all say – YES, I am a HEMP party member. (And try not to feel afraid of Big Brother!)

To achieve this a membership drive will be conducted at MardiGrass. We want brave new members with established addresses. We want old members to update their contact details.

Anyone who supports our campaign for cannabis law reform can join, or re-join, at the Information booth outside the Town Hall, or Dutchies Café in Peace Park during MardiGrass, or the HEMP Embassy anytime. Membership is free.

With little chance of getting anyone elected why do we want a registered political party at all? Because the $1500 it costs to put our name on the Senate Ballot paper buys us more access to the corridors of power than any number of $10,000 a plate political fund raising dinners.
See you at MardiGrass.

Fourteen out of twenty menbers fail to confirm membership. Registration fails.

Mr Graham Askey
Proposed Registered Officer
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
51 Cullen Street

Re: Application to register a political party Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

Dear Mr Askey

On 10 April 2007, the Australian Electoral Commission (the AEC) received an application to register Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Electoral Act).

Your party's application for registration was advertised on the 20 July 2007 with a closing date of 20 August 2007 for objections, if any, to be submitted.

The AEC has undertaken a series of tests to ascertain whether your party meets the requirements for registration. As a result of these tests, the AEC was unable to determine whether your party has at least 500 members (i.e. your party has failed a branch of the 'membership test'). If this is not rectified, your application may be refused following the close of objections period.

Membership check

Section 123 of the Electoral Act requires a non Parliamentary party to have at least 500 members (who are entitled to enrolment) to be eligible for registration. A party's eligibility is assessed in two ways. The secretary supplies a statutory declaration annexing the membership forms provided, declaring that the forms are signed by the people identified on them and that they have been accepted by the party as members.

The AEC conducts a membership test on a random sample of 20. members of the Party. The purpose of this test is to check for incorrect memberships on the basis that if a party relies on memberships of people who do not consider themselves members, then it is unlikely to have the required membership to be eligible for registration. The criterion for a successful random membership check is. to achieve 19 confirmations of party membership from the 20 people chosen at random.

The AEC completed a random sample check of the party's membership list on 8 August 2007. Six people confirmed their membership of the party, one person denied that she was a member while another thirteen did not respond to telephone calls, as well as ignoring a letter subsequently sent to them giving them 14 days to respond.

To pass a membership test, you need to provide the AEC with a list of at least 500 members who are prepared to confirm their membership of the party.

In order for your party to have the best chance of being registered in a time for the forth coming Federal election, you should rectify this failing as soon as possible after close of objections to your party's registration on 20 August 2007.

Please advise the AEC whether you:

•wish the application to go ahead having failed the membership test and be rejected; or

•submit a fresh list of members.

A copy of the relevant parts of section 4 and of sections 123, 126 and 131 of the Electoral Act are enclosed.

Should you have any queries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Shawn O'Brien on (02) 6271 4667. Alternatively you can contact us by email at fad@aec.gov.au.

Yours sincerely

Paul Dacey,
Deputy Electoral Commissioner,
Delegate of the Australian Electoral Commission.

21 August 2007

So only 30% of those registered as HEMP Party members confirmed. Our deepest thanks to the six that did.


Ok, we're going for it again! Register now for the Federal election, and be prepared to keep your details up to date, and confirm your membership immediately if you are one of the lucky twenty that are checked. Anyone fails to respond, we fail to register.

Also, for those living in NSW, we want to register as a party for council elections (held next year), same conditions as above, and if we are successful, we would like to hear from those interested in standing in their council elections as HEMP candidates.


Ironically enough, this registration situation came about when we helped expose Malcolm Jones and the bogus "Marijuana Freedom Party" in 2004, and the Federal Government's response was to make it more difficult for Parties without sitting members, by requiring them to register each election and pass a membership check that requires a 100% response. We can only wonder if parties with sitting members would pass the same test.

The Eureka Flag

You see a lot of "Eureka Flags" on stickers, Tshirts, cups etc that have a white cross and stars with a dark blue outline around the cross and stars, and for the background.

modern commercial version

That is not the way the Eureka flag looked. On the actual flag the cross and stars were made of a cheap undyed fabric (Hemp?) with a white embroidery outline, on a dark blue background.

remains of original


"The news is all bad?"

Due to a How(h)ard change in electoral laws, parties without sitting members must do a new application each election. Our efforts with regard to exposing Malcolm Jone's fake parties have resulted in small parties being frozen out of the system. Our choices have been nobbled. This makes it extremely difficult to get a HEMP candidate up in future federal elections.

The Greens have backed down on drugs policy. They have dropped their proposal to investigate regulating the supply of marijuana and ecstasy, which attracted unfavourable publicity during the 2004 federal election campaign. Instead they propose to establish a drugs policy institute to evaluate programs aimed at reducing the impact of drug use. The Greens leader, Bob Brown, said the new policy backed criminal penalties for supply or possession of illegal drugs and endorsed harm minimisation programs.

I have no idea how or why ecstasy was included in that.

NSW Labor courted us vigourously for preferences when elections were on, but were almost unreachable any other time.

Abbott and Pyne have forshadowed a new crackdown on cannabis users in particular. (Remember the Pogroms) We are just not "their sort of people".

Saliva testing drivers without any evidence that cannabis impairs driving. No limit specified like .08 of a joint, just illegal to drive with any amount at all in your system.

The recent National Cannabis Strategy specifically excluded any submissions on law reform or medical use. They made it clear that they were NOT options.

If only politicians would say this.

2000 Registration of Federal HEMP Party

2001 Ryan By-election

2001 Ryan By-election Aftermath

2001 Elections - candidates

2001 Elections - Press Releases

2001 Senate How-to-Vote

2001 Videos

Federal HEMP Party Constitution

NSW HEMP Party Constitution

For everything released to the Press in 2004 elections


This page pretty much tells the story of the HEMP Party. With the new registration requirements it would be very hard for us to get up an election attempt. It was a nightmare trying to locate our members when the AEC checked our membership. Our members seem to shift home a lot. We managed though, and it was noted that the major parties had the same problem. Then they came up with the bright idea to make parties without sitting members re-register every election. The cost of administering this, and campaign costs, make it too difficult an exercise for the immediate future..

Its also a very dirty business.



2004 Elections


We think we stuffed up our preference deals so please go wildcard for us, and number all squares below the line so that your vote goes where you really want it to!!!

Vote below the line for NSW HEMP Senate Candidates!

Vote above or below the line for Queensland Senate Candidates!

In the House of Representatives the only HEMP Candidate is Judy Canales in the seat of Capricornia in Queensland. We wish we had more candidates, and if you are interested in standing in future elections, please get in touch.



The Greens have an excellent cannabis law reform policy. We would also suggest that Labor is better than the Coalition. At least Latham inhaled, and the word "regulation" is in the Labor ten point plan on cannabis! Howard, on the other hand, smugly told us at the Lismore RSL (see photo below) he'd never even heard of "farmer's hemp", and is sworn to a zero tolerance war on drugs (that means us ) attitude.

Remember cannabis is on the agenda. Mr Carr has already stated that he will be visiting the new PM for a deal on a medical cannabis trial immediately after the election.

How about this weeks announcement by the Defence Department who have a treatment program called 'Weed Control' advising safer drug use such as, eating hash cookies instead of smoking joints! Is this in the field? Attitudes are clearly changing on cannabis, and Howard is out of touch.

Voting below the line in NSW, after HEMP, the Greens have easily the best cannabis law reform policy , and then put Labor ahead of Liberal-National Coalition candidates.

We particularly recommend the Greens NSW No1 Senate Candidate, John Kaye, the only Green in NSW likely to be elected, and a good advocate of cannabis law reform for us in Canberra.

This statement was written and authorised by
Michael Balderstone
NSW HEMP Senate Candidate
51 Cullen Street
Nimbin NSW

The HEMP Party stands for an ecologically sound and socially just Australia.

If elected, we would be supporting initiatives in these areas,
as well as pursuing saner drug laws.


Reasons to VOTE 1 HEMP.

This was a topic of extreme discussion recently and a range of suggestions were made by an informal
think tank. These are the suggestions received:

  1. To alleviate the suffering of the chronically or terminally ill.
  2. To enhance the environment by replacing environmentally unsound products.
  3. To reduce avenues of fast cash for terrorists, insurgents, arms traders, and security organisations.
  4. To reduce the flow of cannabis money to criminal gangs.
  5. To limit corrupting temptations available to Police, Customs Officials, and Prison Guards
  6. Decriminalisation of hemp would drastically reduce Police workload, and free officers to tackle genuine crimes where it is not as easy to gain high arrest rates.
  7. To remove an avenue for scaremongering by opportunistic politicians and journalists.
  8. To hopefully lower the price of hemp.
  9. To put an end to using dogs as a tool of discrimination against a harmless sector of the community.
  10. To put an end to the marginalisation of cannabis users, indeed to try to put such petty behaviours to rest in many areas of politics.
  11. As the Democrats have forgotten all about "Keeping the bastards honest", and would rather play "Make a deal", the HEMP Party would undertake to try to keep the bastards honest.
  12. To allow people to enjoy a spiritual, relaxing experience - legally


Do YOU have any policy or campaign ideas to put the HEMP Party into the hearts and minds of Australia?

We had a messageboard, but viagra and other spammers forced its closure. Only the real posts are left.

See Others Thoughts!

Contact the HEMP Party


2004 Contacts:
Michael Balderstone 0266 891 842 John Jiggens 07 3367 0475
Tony Kneipp 0428 123 922 tkneipp@internode.on.net
Guy Freemarijuana 07 3844 8442 freeguy111z23@yahoo.com.au

HEMP Party candidate, Michael Balderstone admits trying pot long ago, and says,

"I didn't exhale..."

Michael Balderstone
President NSW HEMP Party
and 2004 Senate Candidate

email: head@hempembassy.net
phone: 02 6689 1842
PO Box 177 Nimbin, 2480

Leaf Federal HEMP Party News. August 10th, 2004Leaf

HEMP is back in the Political Games Arena!


May 2004

NSW HEMP Party Update.


Get the Application Form here!




Send it to:

51 Cullen Street, Nimbin, NSW 2480.


Mr G Askey
Registered Officer
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
9 Frank Street

It's an exciting time on the planet for Cannabis Law Reform. Radical changes are happening in Canada, Europe and England. Not so in Australia because our leader takes his orders from the United States, it seems. With your help we can be on the 2007 ballot paper and with luck replace a shooter with a toker in the NSW Upper House.

While we have had some success this year, the best Mardi Grass yet, pressure on sniffer dogs in Byron Bay forced them out of town, exposure of Malcolm Jones MLC in trying to impersonate us by forming the bogus Marijuana Freedom Party to hijack our vote and preferences may yet see him expelled from Parliament. HEMP voters preferences were pivotal in electing Green Senator Kerry Nettle into Federal Parliament.

Our submissions on the Medical Marijuana Trial Legislation helped, but there is still a long way to go. This is why we need a HEMPster in Parliament, and that's not impossible. The Shooters Party scraped in with 80,000 votes, roughly the same number of people who've been unjustly arrested for cannabis offences in NSW over the four year life of the Parliament.

First we need to get official registration with the NSW State Electoral Office. We still need another 250 new members, so get in touch!!

"At the present time declaration of membership forms have been lodged by 471 persons who are enrolled and who claim to be members of the party. As you are aware 750 such forms are required to support the application.

Having regard to the fact that the application was made in January last year and still does not meet the basic requirements of the Act it has been decided that unless a total of 750 forms which are in order are received by 26 September 2003 no further action will be taken in the matter. If this occurs the $2000 fee will be returned to you."



to the intelligent & compassionate people
who voted for the HEMP Party
in the Federal Election on Nov 10, 2001.

In NSW 32,641, as at 6/12/2001.
In QLD 25,132, as at 28/11/2001.

PAGE 1,274, as at 28/11/2001.
RICHMOND 919, as at 28/11/2001.
RYAN 1,084, as at 28/11/2001.


A Message from George Bernard Shaw


The old notion that people can "keep themselves to themselves" and not be touched by what is happening to their neighbors, or even to people who live a hundred miles off, is a most dangerous mistake. The saying that we are members one of another is not a mere pious formula...It is a literal truth; for though the rich end of the town can avoid living with the poor end, it cannot avoid dying with it when the plague comes.

People will be able to keep to themselves as much as they please when they have made an end to poverty; but until then they will not be able to shut out the sights and sounds and smells of poverty from their daily walks, nor feel sure from day to day that its most violent and fatal evils will not reach them through their strongest police guards.


Authorised by: Mr G. Askey, for the HEMP Party, 9 Frank Street,Lismore, NSW 2480.
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